Revolution Wheels only use prime aluminium alloy to manufacture wheels rather than reclaimed scrap which is smelted into ingot. The reason for this is because prime has less than a trace of iron (Usually around 0.01%) whereas reclaimed scrap has in excess of 0.30% or more, 30 times more!

Even in small amounts iron causes aluminium alloy to become brittle & reduces ductility when heat-treated to approximately 90BHR as competition wheels require. Revolution is one of only a few manufacturers to use prime aluminium alloy on 100% of its wheels as the cost for prime is much higher.

Once our wheels are cast they are 100% X-Rayed and solution heat-treated, the reason for this is to stabilize the molecular structure of the wheel so all the molecules are evenly distributed. After heat-treatment, all competition wheels are age hardened to approximately 90BHR and stabilized to this hardness, this prevents the wheel hardness increasing from excessive brake temperature etc.

All machined surfaces of our wheels are machined simultaneously to ensure run out is kept to a minimum. The industry standard is 0.5mm acceptable run out whereas we work to a tolerance of 0.2mm.

Revolution Wheels are then powder coated so as to offer maximum protection against stones and other objects encountered within different forms of motorsport.